Ak’ Tenamit scholarships program launched

We are excited to partner with The Guatemalan Tomorrow Fund (GTF) and Ak’ Tenamit to help launch our Ak’ Tenamit Scholarships Program! We are finalizing our funding of five scholarships to support girls at the Ak’ Tenamit school on the Rio Dulce in Guatemala.

About Ak’ Tenamit; “Asociacion Ak’ Tenamit (AAT) is non-profit association registered and located in eastern Guatemala. AAT receives funding and logistical help from the Guatemalan Tomorrow Fund, a non-profit based the United States”. Ak’ Tenamit works with Guatemala’s Q’eqchi Maya villages to ensure that they are promoting quality education while simultaneously adhering to indigenous culture and values to develop their communities. Educating girls is a high priority at Ak’ Tenamit, noting that “when you educate a girl, you educate a family and transform society”. The goal of the Ak’ Tenamit Scholarships Program is to reduce illiteracy rates while simultaneously empowering young girls. We are happy to work with an organization that strives to foster an inclusive society.

To support the TIES scholarship programs in Guatemala and other developing countries, please visit our Donate page.

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