RACHELs and tablets to Sierra Leone

We are now finalizing our agreement to donate 2 RACHEL hotspots, 30 tablets, and related tech to an ongoing project in Koinadugu, Sierra Leone operated by CAUSE Canada.

The RACHEL units and tablets will be used in the CAUSE Kids After School Program, which aims to enhance literacy and math skills for young students in Sierra Leone. Unfamiliar with RACHEL? Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning (RACHEL) units are wifi hotspots that allow students to access resources, such as Khan Academy, Wikipedia, and textbooks without internet or data! They can be accessed by any device with wifi, including Chromebooks, tablets, or even the most basic phone. The power requirements are minimal so an entire classroom of a RACHEL and 15 tablets can be run from one solar panel. (Or even the NowLight hand generator.) Grid electricity is optional.

Imagine the difference if the pencils and notebooks in these classrooms in Sierra Leone were replaced with RACHEL units and tablets!

SL classroom

If you would like to help us in bringing educational technology to Sierra Leone and other developing countries, please visit our Donate page now.

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