The girls at Ak’ Tenamit

Meet the girls at Ak’ Tenamit who are beneficiaries of scholarships from TIES! (Details on our project page.)

TIES’ Ak’ Tenamit Scholarship Program assists young girls from grade 8 to 11 who attend the Ak’ Tenamit school. Many of the girls who attend the Ak’ Tenamit high school are of Q’eqchi Mayan background – one of many indigenous communities of Guatemala. Located in rural Rio Dulce, many students have to leave their homes to attend Ak’ Tenamit to receive an education. This can be daunting as students may be leaving families for the first time. The students are often the first in their family to pursue higher education. They attend Ak’ Tenamit to help build a better future for themselves, their family, and society by cultivating skills needed to become the leaders of tomorrow.

The students are keen and active learners. Many of them enjoy math, science, and history. Girls who are in Grade 10 and 11 have already chosen streams in which they wish to pursue their future career, such as sustainable tourism or rural community development. The students also experience hands-on learning in addition to classroom learning. In their spare time, the girls love to play sports, read books, sing, and/or dance!

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