RACHEL Units to Sierra Leone

TIES is working through CAUSE Canada to distribute RACHEL units, tablets, and other technological devices to students in Sierra Leone. RACHEL units are small, battery-powered devices that students may use to access resources such as Khan Academy and Wikipedia without internet! They are portable, so that two RACHELs and 30 tablets, enough to power two classrooms, can easily fit in a large suitcase.
The RACHEL units can be customized to address a country’s unique culture and educational goals. Therefore, students can be educated in a way that prioritizes their heritage. These RACHELs are equipped with resources that align with the Sierra Leone education curriculum.

As of April, 2022, CAUSE has enrolled 112 kids in a four times per week after school program! The program is designed to boost math and English literacy rates using RACHEL units and tablets – partially funded by TIES – to improve their quality of learning and educational experience. These kids really want to learn. They voluntarily extend their school day by an extra hour, and attendance is an amazing 99%! We at TIES are blown away by the dedication of the students of Sierra Leone.

Children have been tested for their baseline proficiency, and improvement levels will be measured in the coming months. Interested in seeing the PDF report? Just contact us!

For more updates on our RACHELs to Sierra Leone project, visit the project page.

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