Ak’ Tenamit High School Scholarships

TIES is working with Ak’ Tenamit and The Guatemalan Tomorrow Fund to distribute scholarships to students in Grades 8 to 12 in the Sarstun area of Izabal, Guatemala. The scholarships granted cover the students’ tuition, accommodation, food, medical expenses, and occasional travel costs.

TIES has been able to provide scholarships to 5 students! In Grade 10, students are given the option to choose a specific academic stream and remain in it until Grade 12. These streams help students select their future educational goals and career aspirations. Ak’ Tenamit offers two streams: the sustainable tourism stream and the rural well-being stream.

Meet Roxana! Roxana, now a Grade 12 student, is one of the five beneficiaries who received an Ak’ Tenamit scholarship during her Grade 11 year. She is currently pursuing an education in the rural well-being stream. In this stream, students like Roxana leave campus to work in NGOs or government organizations throughout Guatemala. In addition to hands-on experience, Roxana also learns valuable knowledge in the classroom about sustainable community infrastructure, sustainable and ancestral agriculture, and how to develop projects and work in areas related to human rights.

Roxana and her peers also focus on reading and writing, legal organization, math, and Roxana’s favourite subject, history. She also enjoys playing sports in her downtime.

We at TIES feel grateful for the opportunity to support ambitious students like Roxana!

If you would like to bolster our support of Roxana and students like her, please donate to our cause!

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