TIES Return-It Express Bottle Drive

TIES donates innovative technology and grants scholarships to schools and students in the least developed countries in the world, like Kenya, Guatemala, and Sierra Leone. Our goal is to support the students – especially the female students – of these countries in their education so that they can uplift their own communities.

To help fund our education projects around the world, TIES is organizing a bottle drive!

It’s easy to participate! If you would like to support and uplift disadvantaged students, simply drop off your recyclable containers to any Return-It Express Depot and directly donate the refund of your recyclable containers to TIES’s Return-It account.

If you haven’t already, make sure to fill out this form to register or to receive labels: link.TIES.charity/RIEform

How Can I Get Involved?

It couldn’t be easier! Fill out the form linked above, then bring your bag of recyclable containers to your nearest Return-It Express Depot. (Complete list at www.return-it.ca/locations/?St=&Sv=express) Enter our phone number (604-474-0184) at the label printing kiosk. Select the number of bags you are dropping off and print the labels. Tag each bag with a label and then drop the bags in the designated Express drop off area. The refund will be automatically deposited into the TIES donations account.

To save time, the next time you are at the Depot, print out a few extra bag labels with our phone number and take them home with you. When you are ready to make another return, place the label on the bag(s) and drop them off at your convenience. No need to stop at the kiosk again!

What Sort of Bags Should I Be Packing My Bottles In?

The bags simply need to be “Blue Recycling Bags” or transparent bags, which can be purchased at almost any grocery, drug store or hardware outlet. Glad, Western Family, Life, Safeway, No Name, and HDX all will work with the Express system. If the bag is blue or transparent and properly closed, simply tag it, and drop it off at an Express location.

What Sort of Containers Can I Donate?

Almost every water, juice, pop, beer, liquor, and even milk containers can be returned in the same bag. Metal, plastic, glass, and even Tetrapaks are accepted! No sorting required! This page on Return-It’s website provides a list of acceptable containers: www.return-it.ca/beverage/products

How Can I Be Sure TIES Received My Donation?

TIES will receive your donation within 10 business days of dropping off your containers at an Express Depot.

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