Afterschool program final report

Results are in from TIES’ support of CAUSE Canada’s afterschool program in Sierra Leone through our “RACHELs to Sierra Leone 2021” project. The two RACHEL units and 30 tablets that we donated were just a small part of an ambitious project designed to improve the math and literacy scores of primary and secondary school children living in rural communities of the Koinadugu District, Sierra Leone. Across the six schools at which the program was delivered to 356 students, math testing scores jumped from 27% to 82% and reading test scores improved from 16% to 64%.

Afterschool programs like the ones in Sierra Leone are just one way that the innovative RACHELs, offline and off-grid wifi servers, can contribute to education in a non-traditional way.

TIES was very happy to be part of such a successful initiative by CAUSE Canada, and we are discussing our continued support of this program.

For further details about the use of RACHEL systems in advancing education in developing countries or for a copy of the full Afterschool Program Final Report, please use the TIES Contact form, or get in touch with CAUSE Canada. If you’d like to support this project in Sierra Leone, please visit our Donate page.

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