Become a TIES Scholarship Sponsor!

For Giving Tuesday this year (November 29, 2022) we’d like to ask you to become a sponsor of a TIES scholarship recipient.

TIES currently has scholarship programs in two less developed countries:

  • In Guatemala, the Ak’ Tenamit High School Scholarships program supports indigenous Mayan girls at a vocational school with programs in implementing climate smart agriculture and in sustainable tourism.
  • In Kenya, the Kenya University Scholarships program provides assistance to young women who have qualified for university admission but would be unable to attend without our aid due to family circumstances.

The best way to sponsor a student is via a monthly donation:

  • Just $39 per month will cover room and board at Ak’tenamit School in Sarstun, Guatemala and even include a contribution to basic medical care and transportation.
  • A monthly donation of $100 per month will cover the tuition and basic living costs for a typical university program in Kenya.

Visit our Donate page for further details, or use the PayPal button below to donate now. If signing up as a monthly sponsor. don’t forget to click the “Make this a monthly donation” box.

If you are unable to consider a monthly donation at this time, a one-time contribution of any amount to any of our current projects would be much appreciated.

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