TIES Kenya University Scholarships Applications 2023

UPDATE: August 26, 2023. Applications for the TIES Kenya university scholarships for 2023 are currently closed. Until the uncertainty around government funding of tuition is resolved, we will not be accepting applications for the 2023-2024 academic year. Please use our Contact form if there are any questions.

TIES is offering a limited number of new Kenya university scholarships to 2022 KCSE graduates starting university in 2023.

Unfortunately, we can only offer a very limited number of scholarships due to the uncertainty surrounding the new Higher Education Funding model announced in May of this year. (See details here.)

Kenya university funding
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TIES will grant scholarships to students in the “vulnerable” or “extremely needy” categories who have been granted both the government scholarship and loan. The TIES scholarship is intended to provide an allowance for accommodation, meals, and other costs for students who would otherwise have no way to attend university due to family circumstances. Students qualify for the government and loan through the Higher Education Funding portal at https://www.hef.co.ke/. This portal only opened the week of August 5th, and the timing of this funding is a major uncertainty. All that we can do is hope that the universities and the government figure things out in time!

Only students who have their KUCCPS placement and admission letter from a university may begin an application. Scholarship applications are by invitation only; if you received an invitation then you were provided with a direct link to the application as well as a link to this page.

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You may not have all of the information required to submit a complete application since the government funding process is not known at this time. Please make sure that you save the link to modify your response when submitting your application! However, if you do forget to save it there will be an “Edit response” at the top of the confirmation email that you will be sent after submitting your application.

Please use our Contact form if there are any questions.

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