Home for homeless homing pigeons?

TIES was recently offered a generous donation from a gentleman from Kyrgyzstan, Mr. Loof Lirpa. Apparently the famed eagle hunters of Kyrgyzstan have decimated the adult pigeon population of that country, leaving many, many orphaned pigeon chicks. Loof Lirpa wanted to donate $10,000 USD and ask TIES to raise the rest of the money needed … Read more

Social media

Although TIES has several social media accounts, it is a challenge to keep all of them up to date. Our focus is on keeping the website (www.TIES.charity) as current as possible, and we try to post on Facebook (www.facebook.com/TIES.charity) regularly since it’s used by up to 72% of our target demographic. For other social media … Read more

Thank-yous for TIES hand sanitizer giveaway

TIES received a donation of 6,474 bottles of hand sanitizer! For the past several weeks a crew of volunteers has been sticking little TIES labels on each bottle and we’ve been giving it all away. We stuck the last labels on a week ago (see pics below), and now have just under half of the … Read more

Looking for volunteer TIES Ambassadors

We have just posted on Community Volunteer Connections and on searching for one or more TIES Ambassadors. Volunteers of any age or education who would be passionate about assisting with TIES projects would be a welcome addition to our team. As a volunteer-led charity we are always looking for like minded people to join us. … Read more

Hand sanitizer giveaway

hand sanitizer 1200x630px

TIES recently received a donation of 6,474 bottles of hand sanitizer. Six full pallets of it! The government of Canada bought it for use during the last election and are now donating it to registered charities across Canada. These are top quality, 500ml pump bottles, not just the little ones. And we are giving them … Read more

TIES’ 2021 T3010 is on the Charities Directorate website

T3010 2021

Last week, TIES submitted our T3010, Registered Charity Information Return to the CRA. That return for the year ending Decemeber 31st, 2021 can now be viewed on the CRA Charities Directorate website. Here’s the link to the TIES detail page: TIES CRA information Every registered charity in Canada must file this return annually, or risk … Read more

Canada Summer Jobs 2022

TIES has applied for a Canada Summer Jobs grant for an Education Program Planner. While we have applied for funding for a full-time position, 16 weeks at 35 hours per week, we expect that if our application is approved, we’ll receive only the average grant of 280 hours in total. We are posting the position … Read more

July, 2021 Newsletter – Edition 1

AK’ TENAMIT HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIPS In June, 2021, we launched our first scholarship project: The Ak’ Tenamit Scholarships Program. To provide educational opportunities to girls in the least developed countries, TIES is working with The Guatemalan Tomorrow Fund and Asociación Ak’ Tenamit to grant scholarships to high school girls in Guatemala. TIES selected five Ak’ … Read more