Our own phone service – (604) 474-0184


“Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?” We now have a phone number of our very own. You’ll probably get our voice mail since our office is only staffed occasionally, but give us a “ringy-dingy”!

Website goes live

Finally! After more than six months with the “Coming Soon” sign hanging on our front door, we’ve launched our website. It’s still pretty basic with lots of content still to be added over the coming weeks (and months) but it’s a start. Please let us know if anything is broken when you’re browsing the site.

2020 Financial statements

financials background image

Our draft financial statements for 2020 are now available. They will be presented and finalized at our Annual General Meeting. Since 2020 was our first year of operation and only a partial year, and we only carried out a couple of small projects, these statements are pretty basic and we don’t expect any changes. However … Read more