TIES Projects – 2022 Impact Report

TIES collage 2022

We recently provided our major donor, Viaduct Foundation, with an impact report outlining the benefits that TIES delivered to students through four education projects in three developing countries. The text from the Impact Summary of the report is quoted below. A nicely formatted PDF version of the entire report with some highlight pictures is available … Read more

News from Ak’ Tenamit

Here’s a great story from The Guatemalan Tomorrow Fund (GTF) newsletter about students in Guatemala (some who are supported by the TIES Ak’ Tenamit High School Scholarships program) learning new skills. “Their first day on site, visiting Rotarians taught a group of girls (most without electricity in their home communities) to measure and cut lumber … Read more

Results of NowLight field test

“I am very happy because I was able to finish this school year, thank you for supporting me with the NowLight that helped me a lot to charge my tablet and be able to send the assignments.” Margarita, from the village of Cerro Blanco, Sarstun, Guatemala TIES (funded by Viaduct Foundation) partnered with S.H.A.R.E. Agriculture … Read more

NowLights into the villages in Guatemala

The continuing journey of the NowLights; in our last post we linked to a video showing the trip downriver to the villages of Sarstun, Guatemala. Now here’s one showing the boat ride, trek through the jungle, and finally the installation in remote homes in villages without power. The NowLights are used not just for off-grid … Read more

The road (and river) to Sarstun

Girls education-AkTenamit-GuatemalanTomorrowFund

Our field test of the NowLights is now truly underway and we thought that you might enjoy seeing the route that they must take to reach the Sarstun communities of Guatemala. From Guatemala City it is a 5 or 6 hour trip on paved roads to Puerto Barrios. That’s literally the end of the road, … Read more

NowLights arrive in Guatemala

Deciwatt NowLight

The NowLights that we arranged to supply to students at the Ak’ Tenamit school in Sarstun, Guatemala arrived. But…. they are stuck in customs. Apparently it can take up to 3 weeks (!) for shipments to be released.

Field testing the NowLight

NowLight from Deciwatt

This is the NowLight from Deciwatt (https://deciwatt.global/); a human powered light and charging station for off-grid electricity. Viaduct Foundation (https://viaductfoundation.ca/) has partnered with S.H.A.R.E. Agriculture Foundation (https://shareagfoundation.org/) to test the NowLight at the Ak’ Tenamit school (https://thegtfund.org/) in Sarstun, Guatemala. While waiting for TIES’s charity registration to come through from the CRA, we worked with … Read more