NowLight Field Test 2021

The Deciwatt NowLight is a human or solar powered generator to provide light and USB charging. The self-contained light and manual generator is ideally suited to illuminating spaces that are not connected to the grid. Deciwatt (also the inventors of the GravityLight) say “Pull the NowLight cord for just one minute to create up to 2 hours of light or 15 minutes of talk time on a mobile phone.”.

See it in action with this 10-second video from Deciwatt reposted on our YouTube channel.

In early 2020 we took delivery of two of the first release of the NowLight, planning to send them (or take them on a field visit) to one of the areas where we work. But then the pandemic hit making travel impossible and also slowing down our charity registration process by several months. Impatient to get a field trial going, in early 2021 we submitted a proposal to Viaduct Foundation to buy and donate 10 NowLight kits (generator with integrated light, battery and USB charging port, satellite light, and solar panel) to students in the Sarstun area of Guatemala. The Sarstun jungle is home to the Ak’ Tenamit school ( We arranged for delivery and monitoring of this field test through S.H.A.R.E. Agriculture Foundation ( because we were struck by their comment about the plight of Ak’ Tenamit students forced to study from home using tablets during the pandemic:

Students do not have electricity so they will walk a couple of hours to recharge the tablets.

S.H.A.R.E. Agriculture Foundation

What an ideal opportunity to test this technology! Posts are below and updates about this field test will be posted as they become available.

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NowLight from Deciwatt
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