RACHELs to Sierra Leone 2021

One of the main purposes of our Technology In Education Society is to donate innovative technology to education projects in developing countries.

We are big fans of game changing tech such as the RACHEL from World Possible. RACHEL stands for Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning. With this small, battery powered device education resources from the internet can be delivered to communities without internet access, in fact even without grid electricity! These plug-and-play hotspots are preloaded with content such as Wikipedia, Khan Academy, and CK12 textbooks, and can be completely customized with user content too. RACHELs have been deployed in over 50 countries.

We are working with CAUSE Canada to provide two RACHEL units and 30 tablets in Koinadugu, Sierra Leone. Specifically, the RACHEL units will be used for the CAUSE Kids After School Program, which aims to enhance literacy and math skills for young, female students in Sierra Leone. According to CAUSE Canada, many girls in Sierra Leone do not have access to education. In attempt to address the gender divide and high rates of illiteracy amongst girls, TIES is delivering RACHEL units in Sierra Leone to help girls experience quality education. The goal is to empower young women and to support the leaders of tomorrow.

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TIES collage 2022

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afterschool program final report

Afterschool program final report

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RACHEL Units to Sierra Leone

TIES is working through CAUSE Canada to distribute RACHEL units, tablets, and other technological devices to students in Sierra Leone ...

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After School Program Report

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Tablets on their way to Sierra Leone

The smart shoppers at CAUSE Canada were able to buy twice as many tablets as planned with our funding for ...
/ RACHELs to Sierra Leone 2021

RACHELs for Sierra Leone on order

Although the start of the new school year in Sierra Leone is still months away, we are funding our partner, ...

RACHELs and tablets to Sierra Leone

We are now finalizing our agreement to donate 2 RACHEL hotspots, 30 tablets, and related tech to an ongoing project ...

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