Ak’ Tenamit High School Scholarships

Our first scholarship program is for beneficiaries at the Ak’ Tenamit school in Sarstun, Guatemala.

TIES aims to advance education in the least developed countries by providing students with bursaries and scholarships. We provide equitable educational opportunities for vulnerable students, such as those who are unable to attend school due to financial difficulties. TIES’ first scholarship program is granting scholarships to girls in grades 8 to 11 in partnership with The Guatemalan Tomorrow Fund (GTF) and Ak’ Tenamit school in Guatemala. TIES has selected students from Ak’ Tenamit school who will receive the scholarships. The students are keen and active learners, with many of the girls in grades 10 and 11 already choosing streams in which they would like to pursue their future careers, such as sustainable tourism and rural community development.

By granting scholarships to students at Ak’Tenamit, TIES will reduce illiteracy and empower girls in Guatemala.

Stay tuned as we will be posting details about the recipients of the TIES scholarships in Guatemala on an ongoing basis.

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