BC Societies Act

TIES is a non-profit society registered in British Columbia, Canada under the Societies Act.

All members of TIES will be provided with a copy of our Constitution and Bylaws via a link to this page.

TIES was incorporated as a Society in 2020 and must file a BC Society Annual Report each year (no more than six months after our December 31st year end).

CRA Charities Directorate

The Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency administers all registered charities in Canada. Only registered charities are legally able to issue a donation receipt for Canadian income tax purposes. Our registration was approved in August, 2021.

The Charity Registration Number link opens our Charities Directorate information page. Our registration details and T3010, Registered Charity Information Returns are available there now that we have filed our first return (for 2021). Full financial statements are part of those returns.

Financial Statements

For financial information about a specific project, please use our Contact form.

The financial statements of every charity in Canada are available on the CRA Charities Directorate website no more than six months after the charity’s fiscal year-end. Although TIES was registered as a BC Society in 2020, our charity registration was not granted until August, 2021 and so the first set of financials on the Charities Directorate website is for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2021.

Newsletter Archive

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