RACHELs for Sierra Leone on order

Although the start of the new school year in Sierra Leone is still months away, we are funding our partner, CAUSE Canada, now so that they can get two RACHEL (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning) units on order. The global chip shortage has affected everything from automobiles to phones and the RACHELs are no different. Backordered for months, some are now available again from World Possible and sourcing has begun.

The RACHEL is a small, battery powered device that is completely portable, so two RACHELs and 30 tablets, enough to power two classrooms, can easily fit in a large suitcase. And that’s exactly what CAUSE plans to do. Once pandemic travel restrictions ease and it’s safe to travel once more, one of their staff will take the entire system to Koinadugu, Sierra Leone. And because content on the RACHELs is completely customizable, everything from Khan Academy to Hooked on Phonics can be preloaded to suit the needs of the students in the CAUSE Kids After School Program.

“Connecting Offline Learners to the World’s Knowledge”

Please visit our Donate page to support donations of RACHEL units.

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