Hand sanitizer giveaway

TIES recently received a donation of 6,474 bottles of hand sanitizer. Six full pallets of it! The government of Canada bought it for use during the last election and are now donating it to registered charities across Canada. These are top quality, 500ml pump bottles, not just the little ones. And we are giving them all away through community groups, friends and neighbours, and local businesses.

bottle with label (sm)

As we posted on Facebook, the helpful crew at Phoenix Truck & Crane were good enough to bring us the six pallets from the government warehouse in Langley. Big thanks there!

And then the work…. Before delivering the hand sanitizer, each of the 6,474 bottles is being hand labelled with a little sticker suggesting a donation to help support TIES projects. Lots of volunteer (or “volun-told”) help with the labelling efforts.

Labelling at the warehouse: see Facebook post
6,500 labels from ABC Printing
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