Home for homeless homing pigeons?

TIES was recently offered a generous donation from a gentleman from Kyrgyzstan, Mr. Loof Lirpa. Apparently the famed eagle hunters of Kyrgyzstan have decimated the adult pigeon population of that country, leaving many, many orphaned pigeon chicks. Loof Lirpa wanted to donate $10,000 USD and ask TIES to raise the rest of the money needed to build a Home for Homeless Homing Pigeons.

Sadly, we had to decline Loof Lirpa’s generous offer for a couple of reasons:

  1. TIES only does education projects! We have referred him to the Facebook Page of “Homer, the Homeless Homing Pigeon” hoping that may help him connect with kindred spirits.
  2. Of course there is no real offer of $10,000 USD from Loof Lirpa; read his name backwards!

Any money actually donated to TIES will be redirected to a REAL project (ties.charity/projects), not a Home for Homeless Homing Pigeons!

TIES Fundraiser – Home for Homeless Homing Pigeons
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