A RACHEL success story from Sierra Leone

This is a (lightly) edited excerpt from CAUSE Canada’s “CAUSE Kids After School Program Mid-term Report – January, 2022”. For a copy of the full report please Contact us.

Fanta M. is attending Heremakono Primary School. Heremakono is a community located in Diang chiefdom, Koinadugu District. Fanta is 12 years old and in class 5. Fanta lives with her aunt and uncle as her parents both died during Ebola.

Fanta, being in class 5, is fortunate to be part of the After School program. At the beginning she found it difficult to have love for the program since she cannot log in to access the targeted subjects. Fanta was guided by the head teacher and CAUSE Kids staff who taught her and her colleagues how to use the RACHEL and the tablet.

Fanta is very happy to be part of the program as her knowledge in Math and English language has developed. She loves the program so much as it not only develops her knowledge in Math and English language but also exposes her to technology through the use of a tablet and the RACHEL. Fanta now has the ability and ideas to log in and study on her own.

She is always proud of the program as it has helped her discover new topics in Math and English language and review topics that were taught in class. For this development, Fanta is always in an excited mood to share such achievement with her friends and pray that they too will be part of the program. Fanta loves Mathematics so much as she is always happy when solving math.

Fanta wishes to see the After School program extended to all kids to improve the level of Math and English Language in her school.

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