Kenya University Scholarships Pilot Program 2021

We are excited to launch our pilot Kenyan university scholarship program! Many young girls in Kenya lose the opportunity to pursue higher education at the post-secondary level due to financial reasons and gender inequality. The demand for financial aid grew greatly in recent months in Kenya as the government cut back on student loans, making it strenuous for many students to attain aid that would have allowed them to attend university. However, at TIES, we are determined to promote equal access to education to allow young female students to achieve their goals. Therefore, we are working with Sarah Wanjiru, our Kenyan representative, along with AVSI, a non-profit organization operating in Kenya, to promote TIES scholarships and provide students the opportunity to apply to the program.

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Last chance to qualify

We have had great response to our qualifying form for the Kenya university scholarship pilot program ( We are expecting ...
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Kenya University Scholarships Pilot Program 2021

Qualifying form now available

TIES is seeking qualified applicants for the Kenya University Scholarships Pilot Program 2021. An online qualifying form is now available ...
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Kenya university scholarship program

We are very pleased to partner with CHES Beneficiaries Alumni of Kakamega (CHEBAK) in launching a pilot program for our ...
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